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What We Do

Confidential, Expert Consulting Provides Scientific Evidence 

ALIAS Technology provides forensic linguistics consulting to attorneys, law enforcement, human resources and security teams. We support civil and criminal investigations for plaintiff, prosecutor and defense attorneys. We work with Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies during investigation. We provide analysis concerning human resources, security, reputation management, and insider threat in multi-national corporations, small businesses and sole proprietorships. Testimony from ALIAS Technology has a strong track record of being admitted as scientific evidence in US Courts; ALIAS Technology methods have also been presented successfully in Canada, Australia and Europe.

Our consulting service meets the needs of users managing

  • immediate investigations where information has to be gained quickly and reliably,
  • cases in which bogus linguistics reports must be rebutted, by exposing technical trickery and false claims,
  • the possibility of expert testimony at Daubert or Frye hearings and at trial.

Software Puts Reliable Text Analytics (ML, AI) in Your Toolkit

ALIAS Technology licenses our software ALIAS:Automated Linguistic Identification and Assessment System to law enforcement, investigators, crime laboratories, human resources departments, security teams and linguists. Users access ALIAS on a secure, encrypted server through a web browser. ALIAS data is encrypted at rest and in transit, to meet US DOD requirements. ALIAS data belongs to the user and can only be accessed by the user or user agency team, to meet data privacy requirements in Europe and chain of custody requirements in the USA.

Our software meets the needs of users who conduct

  • ongoing investigations where information has to be collected, maintained and analyzed over long periods of time,
  • multiple investigations in parallel, with different types of activity (homicide, threat, collusion, defamation),
  • proactive investigations to protect intellectual property or classified information.

Training Is Tuned to Your Goals and Purpose

ALIAS Technology provides training in forensic linguistics.¬†Our training programs are tuned to meet the needs of different segments who have to deal with language as evidence –attorneys, law enforcement and other investigators, our software users, and linguists. Our training programs enable consumers of linguistic evidence to be strategic and aware, while our training programs for providers of linguistic evidence enable them to be competent.

Our training programs meet the needs of

  • attorneys, law enforcement and other investigators who need to use linguistic evidence or face forensic linguistics at trial so that they can be strategic and aware,
  • users of ALIAS in agencies and corporations so that they can perform “in-house” forensic linguistics which has a strong record of admissibility as scientific evidence,
  • degreed, graduate level linguists so that they become wise providers of forensic linguistic evidence as consultants in their own practices or in support of agency users.