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We provide training in using our software. Please see our user policy.

For ALIAS, we train

  • Police detectives
  • Private investigators
  • Corporate security
  • Human resource officers
  • Forensic document examiners
  • Forensic digital evidence examiners
  • Linguists with an BA, MA, and/or PhD in linguistics with documented expertise in one of the main fields of linguistics (not a “forensic linguistics” degree)

For LEGLER, we train

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals and legal secretaries
  • Legal researchers
  • Law students
  • Law professors

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Type of Training*:
Workshop for Attorneys (CLE)Workshop for LEOs (POST)Workshop for Forensic Science LabLSA InstituteProfessional Training for LinguistsProfessional Training for Forensic ScientistsProfessional Training for Security/Intelligence Analysts