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What is Forensic Linguistics?

Do you have a text that makes you wonder…

  • who wrote this?
  • is this document really what it seems to be?
  • how serious is this threat?
  • did a child really author this allegation?
  • is this text from a native speaker or not?
  • are these two statements too close to each other to be real?
  • what kind of voice is speaking?
  • what kind of person wrote this?
  • was this document authored by more than one person?
  • is this document in line with what’s expected for this type of document?

At ALIAS Technology, we answer these questions. Most importantly, we answer these questions with methods that have been successfully admitted as scientific testimony in the United States Federal and State courts and accepted in international courts. Our methods are validated in a rigorous research paradigm before we ever put them into service. Thus, our methods meet Daubert and Frye standards for scientific evidence. We have experience in cases in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

We have experience in civil, criminal and military cases, security and intelligence investigations, human resources investigations, and international arbitrations. We have worked with a wide range of linguistic evidence, including:

  • suicide notes (real and phony)
  • threatening communications
  • witness statements
  • victim statements
  • graffiti
  • trademarks and service marks
  • text messages
  • notes and confessions
  • ransom notes
  • emails in business and private contexts
  • business letters and memoranda
  • anonymous and pseudonymous blog posts
  • forum posts
  • social media posts
  • news reports including internet journalism
  • legal documents, including rulings, wills/codicils, briefs, corporate papers
  • academic articles and dissertations
  • scientific articles
  • voicemail messages
  • psychiatrically-disordered writing, delusional writing

We work with private individuals and business owners, police detectives, private investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, plaintiff attorneys, patent attorneys, human resource executives, intelligence analysts, security executives, school systems, universities, public agencies and sovereign nations. We work with attorneys from solo practices, small firms, national firms to international law firms. We work with law enforcement from local, state, national and international agencies. We work with security and intelligence analysts from private investigators, defense and prosecution investigators, executive protection to international corporations.

ALIAS Technology LLC provides training and subscriptions to validated software:

  • ALIAS: a unique, user-friendly, multilingual software system designed specifically for forensic text analysis,
  • LEGLER: a unique, user-friendly, cross-discipline software system designed to support legal research for cases involving linguistic evidence,
  • SCILER: a unique, user-friendly, cross-discipline software system designed to support scientific research for cases involving linguistic evidence,
ALIAS Technology LLC provides consulting on civil, criminal and military cases, corporate and private investigations:

  • Expert consulting from real linguists with graduate degrees in linguistics, track records in academia and industry, and excellent communication skills.