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We Handle Language as Forensic Evidence In Three Ways: Responsibly, Respectfully and Reliably.

In some criminal, civil, and security matters, language itself can be evidence. A suicide note, a threatening letter, anonymous communications, business emails, blog posts, trademarks --all of these can be at the heart of an incident. When you are faced with a suspicious document, whether you need to know who wrote it, or if it is a real threat or a real suicide note, or if it is "too close for comfort" to some other document, ALIAS Technology LLC can help you.

Consulting Service We provide a unique service of using computational tools for handling language as evidence, tools that are forensically-feasible, tested for reliability outside of any litigation and grounded in standard linguistics, the academic discipline for language analysis.  ALIAS --Automated Linguistic Identification and Assessment System-- is the main software we use to answer forensically-relevant questions in an objective, repeatable, scientifically-acceptable way. We also provide linguistic analysis based on standard linguistic methods that have not yet been computerized, psycholinguistics and educational linguistics. We work with police detectives, private investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, plaintiff attorneys, patent attorneys, human resource executives, school systems and private individuals.

For attorneys, (from solo practitioners and small practices to international law firms), for law enforcement, (from small to national agencies), for security and intelligence analysts (from private, executive to multinational corporate), we offer case consulting in several ways, including:

    counsel on forensic linguistics and linguistic evidence;
    peer review of forensic linguistic reports or analysis;
    independent data analysis using ALIAS and other tools and techniques from linguistics;
    linguistic organization of e-discovery document productions;
    referrals to experts in the forensic linguistics' sister disciplines, through our TALE network.
        Questioned Document Examination
        Digital Evidence
        Forensic Psychology
        Legal Translation

Expert Witness Service Based on ALIAS, sworn testimony regarding authorship identification has been deemed fully admissible in both Federal and State Courts under both the Daubert and Frye standards for scientific evidence. ALIAS has been admitted into trials after both Daubert and Frye hearings at the Federal and State levels. We also offer manual linguistic analysis when current academic linguistics offers a direct application to the case problem (such as language proficiency assessment) and have been admitted into trial to provide testimony based on direct linguistic analysis.

Software Products We offer software products to the forensic science, law enforcement, legal, security and intelligence communities: ALIAS, webALIAS, TATTLER, and ILER. Our software is user-friendly and validated to be sure that it produces scientifically reliable results.

Training We provide training in the use of our software, linguistics, and forensic linguistics. Training is conducted online, onsite and in connection with the Linguistic Society of America at the LSA Summer Institute (2013) and LSA Summer Institute (2015) and with George Washington University's Department of Forensic Science.

Research & Development The Institute for Linguistic Evidence (ILE) is our sister, the first non-profit research organization devoted to developing and validating linguistic methods for forensic evidence. ILE functions as the research and development wing of ALIAS Technology LLC. Click here to visit the ILE website and to find out about our current research associates. Click TALE: The Association for Linguistic Evidence to find out about our professional association for researchers and consumers of forensic linguistic evidence, and LESLI:Linguistic Evidence in Security, Law and Intelligence, the peer-reviewed journal published by the University of Pittsburgh for ILE and TALE.