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We provide training in forensic linguistic evidence using our methodologies and software. Please see our user policy.

For ALIAS, we provide two types of training.

A. Training for professionals in law, investigation and forensic science:

Forensic Linguistic Technician (FLT) and Forensic Linguistic Examiner (FLEX) is available to:

  • Police detectives
  • Private investigators
  • Corporate security
  • Human resource officers
  • Forensic document examiners
  • Forensic digital evidence examiners
  • Lawyers and paralegals

The training is provided onsite and/or online, at agency’s request.

B. Training for professional linguists:

Forensic Linguistic Technician (FLT), Forensic Linguistic Examiner (FLEX), and Forensic Linguistic Research Scientist (FLRS) is available to:

  • Linguists with a PhD in linguistics with documented expertise in one of the main fields of linguistics (not a “forensic linguistics” degree)

The training is provided onsite and online through video conferencing, software demonstrations, software access, and examinations.

For LEGLER, we train

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals and legal secretaries
  • Legal researchers
  • Law students
  • Law professors

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